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"LIVE" Monthly Goals Workshop Plus Q&A

Getting on a consistent path to achieving your goals one after another is a step-by-step process you can easily learn. On this monthly 1 Hour Live Virtual Workshop James & Alon will walk you through how to come up with your goals, how to create a plan to achieve them, and show you how to hold yourself accountable over each 90 day period so that you make this happen.

"JOIN" Our Exclusive Private Facebook Community

Living in isolation is the number one reason people do not consistently achieve their goals. That is why we have created a Private Facebook Community that is full of people just like you who are laser focused on crushing their goals, sharing with each-other, and building relationships to take you to your next level.

"ACCESS" Member Exclusive Content

When getting on the path the achieving your goals it is important to have someone to look up to this is why in our monthly members exclusive content we will be featuring top goal achievers in industry, family life, and passion pursuers who will share their testimony about how they use the 90x goal planner to help transform their lives and of those that they lead. You learn from real experts how to set your vision, decide on your goals, and follow through to make them happen. Exclusive content delivered digitally and physically each month.

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