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90X Goal Planner

A Proven 90-Day Goal Setting System

90X Goal Planner

A Proven 90-Day Goal Setting System

90X Action Planner

The new, smaller and on-the-go Action Planner provides a space for 3 daily actions to assist your daily goals in the 90X Goal Planner.

90X Action Planner

The new, smaller and on-the-go Action Planner provides a space for 3 daily actions to assist your daily goals in the 90X Goal Planner.

90X Goal Planner | Limited Edition

Bronze foil X hardcover. Full color pages inside. Comes with a Black pen “Trust the process” and it is pressed into the planner spine.y

90X Goal Planner

Bronze foil X hardcover. Full color pages inside. Comes with a Black pen “Trust the process” and it is pressed into the planner spine.y

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What Customers Are Saying About 90X

I just love this planner! I love planning out my day and my business, but I found that with a lot of planners you do not get a lot out of. Most of them do not have much space for my day and the ideas that would pop into my head also not much room to write for following up. I adore having the additional space to get out my thoughts. I adore the huge arranging zone and the Ideas and Vision board on the grounds that the additional space encourages me to make my work. Not at all like different organizers, the 90X Goal Planner is the best organizer of all.

I’ve defined my objectives and I would already be able to see the change in myself and the things that I set my objectives for. This organizer is not at all like another organizer that I have ever had this goal planner is so amazing. Setting aside the opportunity to survey my objectives has helped me to understand that I have just accomplished one of my five goals! I cherish everything about this organizer. This is such an amazing productive goal planner to have in my toolbelt.

– Liat C.

Verified Amazon Review

You will love this planner! This amazing tool is helping me organize my life around the 5 most important goals in my life. Each day, I focus on 5 tasks that help me achieve the 5 goals. And every day, I chip away at these goals. And at the end of the 90 days, I am able to celebrate because I actually have achieved the goals that I have set.

Yes, the tool actually works! The process begins with a vision board, a tool that helps you dream about what you hope to achieve in the next 90 days. After you dream, you write out your goals and then notate WHY these goals are important. From there is about writing out your action steps each week, and then each day. I have used many planners through the years, but none have actually helped me achieve my goals until the 90x Goal Planner.

I highly recommend this tool because it designed around achieving the goals, not just managing tasks.

– Stacy

Verified Amazon Review

I have been trying to organize my life & priorities for the past few months to little avail, and luckily I found this planner after a good friend raved about it. LOVE IT! My life as a dual-business owner (I run a CPA Firm & a Direct Sales company) is always hectic. Its hard to differentiate between my main business/personal-development goals, and the day-to-day distractions. This planner starts by helping you actually pinpoint your TOP 5 Goals for that 90-day period. From there, it has helped me identify small daily and weekly tasks that will help me to actually achieve these goals one step at a time. Every day I know exactly what is on my calendar and what specific objectives/tasks I need to knock off my list.

Once I’ve completed them, I can feel accomplished and know that I’ve made progress towards the person and business owner I’d like to be in 90 days. The main priorities I’ve identified Involve taking on additional accounting work, reaching specific fitness-training and health goals at the gym, and growing my direct sales business by 100%. Instead of being overwhelmed by these objectives, now I am able to break them down one piece at a time.

– Carol

Verified Amazon Review

Great for making and achieving goals! Being an entrepreneur, its all about setting goals for yourself, pushing yourself. And that is exactly what 90X has helped me do. Not only from a business side but also from a personal side. With 90X I planned to become a healthier and happier version of myself. Setting out what I was going to do each day to achieve these goals helped to put things into perspective. Planning out the steps that I was going to take to become a healthier person helped me to not only lose weight but also has helped me to stay committed to becoming a healthier person.

On a business side, the 90X goal planner has helped me to keep track of everything that needs to be done in one day. I love this system because I not only have to think about my goals every day, but also what it takes to achieve them. It’s great that 90X helps me to achieve my goals and rank them in priority, as well as allows me to change my goals once I‘ve achieved them. 90X Goal Planner has really made a big difference in how I set and achieve my goals.

– Kevin

Verified Amazon Review

I have been using it. I like the balanced focus between big goals (keeping passionate about the big picture), and all the space provided for the listing of daily actions/to-dos. I can also, flip to the previous page to see that there are still lingering assignments, and reflect back to see that yes, I have made progress in my busy day where it felt like nothing got accomplished. It’s also nice that the days aren’t dated.

I thought this was a 3-month journal, but with certain days “off” from journaling, I’m probably using this 5 out of 7 days, and I can just continue on the following page after taking a break. No stress for skipping, no waste of a page. Great productivity tool, and its built for recording memories and reminders of the big picture, not just judging you for not completing a habit or ambitious goal you set. There are spaces to put your long list of worries, and spaces to record your accomplishments or fun activities.

I’m thinking of buying another one as a gift (in addition to the next one I’m getting for myself.)

– Tracee

Verified Amazon Review

I can’t say enough good things about this planner! Although I am a very goal-oriented person, I have struggled to continue to utilize former planners in the past. I either dislike the formats of most planners or stop using them. This has (miraculously) not been the case with this planner! I have utilized this planner nearly every day – save a day or two when life has gotten especially hectic – and I am nearly finished my first 90 days.

The most attractive aspect of the 90X Goal Planner is the fact that it’s structured, yet highly customizable. The front of the planner serves to guide you in mapping your goals and the actions to take to achieve those goals over the next 90 days. Then, the planner helps to reiterate those goals by having you record those very same goals on a weekly basis – prior to your daily planning. This drills your goals and actions into your mind, driving home what you set out to do. Map out your week, customize days, reflect on challenges/progress along the way. This planner has helped me to take small but realistic, and very necessary, steps to make changes in my life.

– Danielle M.

Verified Amazon Review

I love planners! I love planning out my day, however, I found a lot of planners, that I just didn’t have enough space for my day and the ideas that would pop into my head. As a writer, I have found that having the extra space in the 90X Goal Planner has been a great help. I love having the extra space to get out my ideas. I love the big planning area and the Ideas and Vision board because the extra space helps me to create my work. Unlike other planners, the 90X Goal Planner is the best planner of all.

This is so much more than just a planner or journal. The best thing that this planner is just about all of it. I’ve set my goals and I can already see the improvement in myself and the things that I set my goals for. This planner is unlike another planner that I have ever had. Taking the time to review my goals has helped me to realize that I have already achieved one of my five goals!

I love everything about this planner!

– Sarit K.

Verified Amazon Review

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