What If Your Personal Planner Could Help You Meet Your Personal Growth Goals


How many times have you purchased a planner, just to stop using it after a few short months? You buy it with great intentions, but end up losing interest, because it doesn’t actually help you do what you need it to.

What if your personal-planner could help you meet your personal growth goals?

I’ve used many planners over the years, and all have fallen short of what I needed it to do – and that was to help me stay on track with my goals.

That’s why I created the 90X Goal Planner.

It’s much more than just a place to write down your to-do’s and calendar events. It’s a planner that acts as a progress journal.

The 90X Goal Planner is designed to help you write down the 5 action points you need to take each week, and give you a place to write your thoughts along the way. You’ll be able to reflect and see your progress along the way.

To get started, you will map out your goals for the month. There is a 30 Day Overview Page, which gives you the ability to set a deadline for your personal goals. Without real deadlines, you’ll be less likely to complete what you set out to do.

Once you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, and in what time frame, you have a realistic guide to follow.





Personal Growth & Progress Journal

Think of self-planning as your personal roadmap to success to help you figure out how to plan your life. The top performing individuals in the world always have a plan. They are able to assess where they are in the present and visualize where they want to be in the future.

Throughout this process, effective planning is the focal point of it all. Effectively using a goal planner to help guide you through the process and evaluate your progress will help speed the process of reaching your destination.


Success Mapping

Understanding what you desire and mapping out an actual plan to get there is what separates the true achievers from those who simply wish and lack a plan. Think of it as a goal chart, but better!

Take Elon Musk for instance, considered by many to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever live.

From the beginning of Tesla’s birth (Musk’s electric vehicle and solar company), Musk had a plan. He referred to this as his Master Plan.


Musk describes his Master Plan as follows.

  • Create a low-volume car, which would necessarily be expensive
  • Use that money to develop a medium volume car at a lower price
  • Use that money to create a high volume, affordable car
  • And…
  • Provide solar power


This goes to show that planning is essential for success. Musk didn’t just start executing with no clear direction or vision for Tesla. He mapped out a success plan describing the direction he was heading in, what he wanted to accomplish and how he was going to use those accomplishments to fuel future goals.

It is common, however, that your plan may not go exactly how you expected it to play out, but as long as keep the same goal in mind, you will figure out a way to get there. This is totally normal!


Roadmap To Success – Designing Your Life

Similar to how Elon Musk created a plan for Tesla, you have the power to create a plan for your LIFE.

It can be helpful to envision your life as a business in the sense that you have the full capability to actually design your life around the things you desire most.

The concept of designing your life can be broken down into many categories, but in the end, one aspect remains the same. You need to plan!

Even though planning seems fairly simple, there are ways to help ensure your planning is done as effectively as possible.

The first way is to write your goals down instead of just keeping them in your imagination.


Dr. Gail Matthews, a professor in Dominican’s Department of Psychology found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a daily basis.

Taking a few minutes each day to greatly improve your chances of achieving your dreams is well worth the effort. Writing down your goals in a planner specifically designed to improve your chances of success can improve your chances even further.

That’s why I’ve created the 90X Goal Planner.

The 90X Goal Planner provides the necessary tools to help you effectively write down your goals so you can be on your way to achieving your biggest goals in life.

Each planner breaks down the components of your day into easily understandable and digestible bits of information.

For example, the 90X Goal Planner gives you the ability to categorize certain tasks for different times of the day such as AM and PM goals. It includes vision boards to brainstorm, sections to write your daily, weekly and monthly goals and more!


Goal Setting And Writing Goals

The power of goal setting and writing goals and objectives will open up new opportunity for you as you begin your journey to success.


Clear Vision

By writing out your goals, it allows you to develop a clearer mental image of what you want to accomplish and exactly what you’ll have to do to get there.

Think of how confused and unorganized you can become by trying to organize all your thoughts and daily tasks in your head.

It’s frustrating, inefficient, and can hold you back from being as productive as possible.

Physically writing your goals down and seeing them in front of you will make them feel more achievable and realistic.

Sorting through tons of thoughts in your mind at once can be more draining to your mental energy as well.

A goal planner helps eliminate this confusion to give you the mental clarity and confidence you deserve!


Personal Goals Examples

As mentioned earlier, using a planner to design your life on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis is an excellent tool for mapping a personal success plan.

The possibilities are endless!

Your planner doesn’t have to be limited to work or business related goals. You can use it for anything in your life you would like to improve. For instance:


Family Goals

Similar to planning your work-related goals, family goals are no different!

For example, after visualizing and determining what you would like to achieve with your family, start mapping out a plan to get there.

Feeling like you aren’t spending enough quality time with your family? If so, jot down some activities you would like to enjoy with them and when you would like to do so. It can be something as simple as taking a walk or treating your family for ice cream.

You can plan for how you will manage time better so you can spend more time with your family. You can reflect each week on your progress as well.


Relationship Goals

If you’re looking to improve your personal relationships, you can use a goal planner to map out a plan of action for how you will go about improving them. Think of it as your personal relationships journal.

For instance, you can write down your top 5 relationship goals for the week, while jotting down your plan for achieving them.

This can be anything from figuring out how to spend more time on the weekends with your loved one or determining how you can plan a vacation to your dream destination with him or her.

Relationships can take a large amount of mental energy on a daily basis. Therefore, analyzing your personal relationships in order to assess and improve them is essential. Think of your goal planner like a journal of personal and social relationships, but one that allows you to assess and map out a plan for how you are going to improve them.


Business Goals

I’m sure you’ve had times when you couldn’t possibly keep track of everything that you needed to get done in your head, causing you to feel overwhelmed and less productive.

Especially when it comes to setting daily business goals, it can feel impossible to keep tally of all those client phone calls, business meetings and the million other tasks you have to complete all in just a few hours of time.

Using a goal planner to accomplish your business goals is one of the most common ways people use planners to increase their performance.

As mentioned, since operating a business requires you to complete a variety of tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly basis, planners are extremely helpful as they provide you with a structured goal roadmap that can be seen and visualized in real time.

Instead of just thinking about everything you need to accomplish on a daily basis with no strategic goal setting plan set in motion, you’re missing out on the opportunity to structure your day in a way that offers you optimal productivity levels and performance.

Daily goal planners are great for writing down things you need to accomplish in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s useful for determining long-term goals such as your top goals for the week, for a specific month or even year.


For example, your daily goals can look something like the following:

          In the AM, I need to schedule 3 client phone calls, create the powerpoint deck in the afternoon around 1pm and meet                         Dave for dinner to go over our sales plan for May.


Your weekly or monthly goals can look similar to this:

          This month I will raise 50k to use as a downpayment for a multifamily investment property.

          I will attend at least 5 real estate networking events to search for potential investors to partner with for my next deal.

          I will develop a small business marketing plan.

          I will hire a digital marketing intern to run Facebook ads for my company.


Health And Fitness Goals

Setting health and fitness related goals can be difficult to fit into your daily routine. Work, family and relationships can take a large portion of your day. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not important!

Keeping a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul are essential for allowing your body to perform at it’s best both physically and mentally.

Studies show that adequate exercise can lead to reduced depression, help you think clearer, give you more energy, reduce resilience which helps you better combat challenges that arise, and much more!

Using goal planners can serve as an excellent tool to help you write down your health and fitness goals. You can also use them to reflect and keep track of your progress, whether that be breaking your record for the number of miles ran in an hour or sticking to a vegan diet.


For instance, your daily smart health goals can look something like this:

          I will run 5 miles this morning and start my day with 20 minutes of yoga exercises.


Your weekly health and fitness goals can be similar to this:

          I will remove all foods containing added sugars from my pantry.

          I will search for local gyms to join that cost less than $30 per month.

          I will brainstorm 10 new yoga exercises that I can complete each morning as well as find a new yoga partner to do yoga                with me.


Whether you’re adding business goals, a new yoga routine or family and relationship goals, use a goal planner to help you achieve your dreams.

Try the 90X Goal Planner for yourself and release your fullest potential.  Confidence guaranteed!

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