What Are Your Top 5 Goals In The Next 90 Days?



Last time I wrote to you, I asked you the question, “what if a planner could help you reach your goals?”

I’ve burned through my fair share of journals, and I can say this with confidence, none of them were designed the way I created the 90X Goal Planner.

To begin with, it’s more than just an ordinary planner. When you think of a typical goal planner, you probably envision a notebook with a calendar in it. However, I knew a planner had the potential to offer so much more.

What I created is a step by step system that will get you thinking about your goals and achieving them. Think of it as a tool to help guide you towards your path to success.

I couldn’t be more excited for you to embrace your journey ahead!



One of the best ways to be successful with your goals is to set a deadline. That is why this planner is set up to help you reach your top 5 goals in the next 90 days.

So, what does that actually express about the goals? They need to be achievable in a period of 3 months. However, these goals can be part of a long-term goal you are trying to reach, but I want you to be able to mark off your most pressing goals in the next 90 days.

For instance, you’re overall goal may be to sell 1 million units of your product in the long term, but you may need to raise $100k to help achieve that long-term goal. This could be your 90-day goal!

As I mentioned, I wanted to develop a planner like none other. A planner that truly helps you perform. That’s why I’ve included helpful worksheets to help further guide you along in your goal setting process.

Use the worksheet below to give your top 5 overreaching desires. This section is very important because this is where you will map out the bigger goals you have for the 90 days.

The other thing you’ll be prompted to do is answer why you want to reach these specific goals.


Find Your Why

Ever wonder how some entrepreneurs and successful individuals in general are able to persist for so long after facing problem after problem without any signs of hope in the near future?

This is mainly because their “why” is so incredibly strong.

You may be wondering, “well what is your why”?

Your why is the reason you have set your goals in place. It’s the deepest reason why you want to accomplish something or become successful. It’s the fuel that motivates you and drives you to persist when all odds are against you.

It’s one of the most powerful tools successful people have in their back pockets and it’s something you need to have too!

Your “why” can be anything from the desire to provide for your family, build a legacy, help those in need, or anything you feel drives you the most.

Once you know your why, own it. Use it as a powerful mechanism to push you through rough times. Repeat it over and over and allow it to become a part of you. This is where you’ll notice it’s power take effect.

As you begin to make these emotional connections to your goals, you will have a much easier time persevering and understanding for yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing when things get tough.

For instance, say for example your 90 day goal is to recruit two team members and to raise $50k to for your startup company designed to feed the homeless.

On the surface, your goal is about raising the necessary capital and recruiting new team members. However, these short term goals mean so much more when you know your why because they are acting as a tool to help achieve your why.

In this case, if your why is making sure you can make an impact on the less fortunate by feeding the homeless, your goal of simply raising capital and recruiting employees takes on a much deeper meaning.

This is what successful people do on a daily basis. They’re constantly making that emotional connection to their smaller goals and their “why”.

Finding your why = power!


How To Find Your Why

Now that you understand the importance of finding your why and how it can help you set short term goals, it’s time to actually find your “why”.

This process definitely takes a bit of thinking, but it’s well worth it. Trust me.

Once you realize what your biggest motivator is, it feels like discovering your life’s purpose.

I know this may seem like a bit overwhelming for simply setting 90 day goals, but it will help you tremendously both in 90 days and for the rest of your life.


Take Action

One of the best ways of discovering your life’s purpose and your “why” is to take action.

By that, I mean to try as many new things as possible. The idea of thinking that you’ll like something and actually liking it are two very different perspectives and realities.

This is why it’s crucial for you to get out there and explore as many career paths and options as you possibly can.

Taking action also allows you to think more clearly as inaction tends to make you overthink things.

Instead of overthinking things and asking yourself a million different questions like, “will I like this” or “should I try that” or “will it make me enough money”, just go for it!

You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself and the goals you truly want to achieve in life.


Find Your Passion

There’s no doubt that you’ll have an easier time setting your 90 day goals if you’re passionate about something you would like to accomplish.

Many people struggle, however, with the act of finding your passion.

You may ask yourself, “well how do I find my passion”?

Before getting into recognizing your passion, you need to keep an open mind and maintain a strong belief that you will find your passion even if it takes longer than you had expected.

Believe that you can do the things you love most in your life, while still being able to make a living out of it. The old saying still remains true – “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Finding your passion may be easier than you think. Become self-aware and try to realize the things that excite you the most in life. What are the things you enjoy talking about the most?

It’s a great idea to ask your friends this question because sometimes they may recognize what you’re passionate about before you do!

For instance, say that you love talking about automobiles. Every time you’re with your friends, you talk about the new model Mercedes that just released or Elon Musk’s future plans for electric vehicles.

You might be obsessed with everything that a car stands for. You may be interested in where certain cars are made, how they work, who makes them, where the industry is going and more.

Do you have a hobby or activity that you enjoy talking and learning about similar to the example above? If so, you may have just found your passion.

However, it’s totally normal if you can’t discover your passion within such a short period of time and that’s completely fine.

If so, experience as many things as possible in areas you are somewhat interested in. You never know where it can lead you.

On the other hand, if you do have a few interests, brainstorm ways in which you can merge those interests into something you can develop into a career or an actual business.

For example, say that you love to cook, you enjoy traveling and you speak a foreign language and enjoyed writing in college. Now, try to brainstorm ways you can merge these interests into a career.

Maybe that’s starting your own restaurant that is based on a variety of different foods from different countries you have traveled to. Or maybe, it’s starting a blog or magazine that teaches people about different cuisines from around the world.

These options would allow you to cook, travel, and practice your writing skills. The opportunities are truly endless!


What Are Your Strengths

Everyone has a set of strengths that they can leverage into a successful career and life.

You have to constantly be aware of your personal strengths even though it might seem difficult to notice.

Take note of the things that you’re already good at. What things do people compliment you on?

When you are doing the things you’re good at and you’re in your zone, you can naturally become more productive and therefore, provide more value.

Using your strengths can also lead you to making more money.

However, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’ll actually like doing it. Don’t ever feel like just because you’re good at something that ’s what you have to do for the rest of your life. Keeping a closed mind will not get you far.

Do what makes you feel most alive. You can always get better at something with enough hard work, persistence and determination to be the best you can be.


Goal Setting – Time To Set Your Goals

Now that you have committed to finding your why, brainstorming your passions and discovering your strengths, you are on your way to building a framework for the goals you are determined to accomplish.

Remember, just because your top 5 goals in the next 90 days are short-term goals, they can be used as a tool to reach your long-term goals.

Think big, but make sure your 90 day goals are within reach. For example, setting a 90 day goal to build a 50 million dollar company is unrealistic. However, recruiting a team and creating a business plan that will help you build a 50 million dollar company in the future is achievable.


Ask yourself the following questions before setting your 90 day goals:

What do I need to accomplish in order to….?

What resources will I need to do….?

What things do I have to eliminate to make more time for….?

What things can I accomplish to make me happier?

How will this goal help me achieve my long-term goal?


Setting your 90 day goals should be fun and exciting! Work towards discovering your why and how setting your short-term goals will help support your long-term vision for your dream life.

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