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Alon David, founder and CEO of 90x, arrived in America without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships. ALoN didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition. He had drive. He had the dream to make something of his life.

It’s the end of the year y’all and I’m so excited to close out 2018 with today’s guest Alon David, founder of the 90X planner (my all time favorite goal planner).  Alon is sharing how he transitioned from a professional, commercial and wedding photographer to creating his very own planner because he had tried practically every single planner on the market and could not find one that had everything he needed. 

Listen in as host Melinda Martin speaks with 90x founder ALoN David as they talk about the importance of planning for success in your business. ALoN shares the importance to 90 day goal setting cycles and giving yourself permission to fail to overcome perfection and start taking action on your big dreams! This episode is loaded with takeaways that you will be excited to implement so that you too can see success in your business! 

Today’s Epic Success Podcast episode will teach you how to rewire your subconscious and become a goal-achieving ninja! Join me as I chat with Alon David, creator and CEO of the 90x Goal Planner, about creating new beliefs on what you can achieve every day.

The prospect of goal-setting is always an exciting one as you envision your future and imagine the feeling of when your goal will be accomplished. But it’s not enough to dream, you also need a deadline and an action plan, and that’s where the 90X Goal Planner comes into play.

At the time of this recording, I am on my fifth 90X Goal Planner, which goes to show how much I believe in this system of goal-setting, and here to share the concept behind the framework with me is the 90X creator himself, Alon David.

If you only had 90 days to chase your biggest goal, would you complete it or would you fall short? Our guest ALoN DaviD, creator of the 90x day planner, crafts custom 90-day planners for his customers because he believes going in 90 day increments keeps your goals fresh and top of mind.  ALoN went from sanitation work that earned him $5.25 an hour to a world renowned wedding photography business. 

I first learned about the 90X planner from someone’s Instagram Feed. And when I was offered a FREE planner with the cost of shipping, I gave it a try. Because, who doesn’t love a good planner, right?

I started learning more about the 90X Founder and CEO, ALoN David. He came to the states and landed minimum wage jobs until he decided to work for himself. A lucrative photography business started it all, and then ALoN took what he learned from these experiences to create the 90X Goal Planner.

Happy Monday! New week and new goals, and a perfect time for Bold Moves

Do you struggle with planning and goal setting, even avoiding the whole thing rather than letting yourself down yet again? Don’t worry, I got you! Today we have a training episode with Alon David, entrepreneur and founder of the 90x Goal Planner. Alon uses a 90-day planning system to ensure that his business’s goals are

ALoN DaviD, founder and CEO of 90x, arrived in America without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships. ALoN didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition. He had drive. He had the dream to make something of his life.

So while going to school full-time, ALoN decided to get a job working construction for $5.25 per hour. Yet he knew that just getting a degree wasn’t enough, so instead of waking up each day complaining of his situation,  ALoN decided he needed to set a goal to keep him focused on his dreams. The only problem was that there weren’t any quality goal-planners or systems out there. So ALoN decided to create his own system that could take a minimum-wage job and turn it into an opportunity.

Inspired to further test his goal-system, ALoN decided in 2010 to start a photography business from scratch. Within a year, the photography business became a 6-figure side-gig and that was when ALoN knew that his 90x goal-system was something special.

Looking to help others effectively set and achieve goals, ALoN put together the first 90x goal-planner. Now, if you’ve ever shopped around for a planner, you know that there are to-do planners, there are planners to help you schedule, there are planners that act more like diaries, but 90x is the first planner to incorporate all of the essential goal-setting elements into one complete system.

So if you’re looking for a planner that can act as a to-do list, while also serving as a space where you can jot down any thoughts or ideas, no problem. With each day having at least two-full pages, you could even write out motivational quotes to keep you inspired, if you’d like.

But know that each 90x goal-planner comes filled with inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs & other minds that have led their respective generations, so even on the most laziest of days you’ll have all the inspiration you need right in your hands.

If you’re looking for a system that can help you not only effectively set goals, but also achieve your dreams and change your life, then the 90x goal-planner is the only planner for you.

Pick out your favorite color, and get started improving your life today.

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