Goal Journal

Goal Journal

What Is A Goal Journal

As a journal is something you typically use to record your events and experiences in your life, a goal journal is similar but even better. It’s like a writing journal, but more effective. Similar to a personal journal, a goal journal is used to establish a roadmap for how you will plan to achieve both your short term goals and long term goals. Instead of solely reflecting on your goals, a goal journal gives you the ability to actually plan your goals in the most strategic goal setting way possible.The 90X goal planner includes a goal setting worksheet and goal setting template in addition to a vision board, which will help you create your plan unlike a traditional journal which typically includes blank pages.

How To Journal

There are many things to write in a journal, but there are proven strategies you can implement in order to maximize your goal setting plan. It’s best to break down your achievements into goal categories. You can set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals and even hourly goals. This helps create a sense of urgency since it makes your goals timebound. By not having timebound goals, you may not be as motivated to put in the work since there is no actual deadline. For instance, you can create a plan for what you will accomplish in the morning, the afternoon and evening after your return from work. It’s important to keep in mind that not all your goals have to be work-related. You can set family goals and relationships goals to practice during times when you are not working. It can be used as a journal of social and personal relationships. The goal possibilities are endless.

Use vision board as an idea generator for generating ideas and dreams. This is great for thinking big and figuring out what will make you most happy in your life. It’s like discovering your life purpose. Feel free to draw images or write your doodle ideas to better express your plan. Having vision works!

Journal Ideas

It can be tough to think of things to write in a journal and to come up with ideas for journals. Therefore, it’s important to first determine your largest goal. This can be something like purchasing a multifamily real estate investment. However, in order to purchase this investment, you will need to accomplish a variety of smaller goals in order to reach your destination. This is where a self help planner is used most effectively since it is more short term goal oriented.

Brainstorming a list of your short-term goals that will get you closer to achieving your overall goal is a great place to start. This will help you decide the things to write in a journal and help you think of ideas for journals. You can determine the tasks you will need to accomplish today to allow you to progress to the tasks you need to accomplish next week and so on.

Goal Setting Theory

Goal-setting theory is important to learn so you can use your goal journal as best as possible. The following set of goal setting principles are here to help you along your goal setting journey.

-Set clear and measurable goals. Be specific as possible with what you want to accomplish.

-Make sure your goal is challenging so it motivates you to do well.

-Set a deadline to complete your goals. By making your goals time bound, you can hold yourself accountable for your progress.

By following these goal setting principles, you will enjoy the benefits of your goal journal for years to come!

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