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In addition to having a weekly planner and goal planner itself, purchasing planner accessories can be used as additional tools to help you achieve your goals and organize more. It’s similar to taking a college course in the way that in order to succeed in your class, you need more than just the professor. You need a notebook, set of writing tools such as a pen and pencil, a calculator and more. Planner accessories are meant to increase productivity and help create a fun learning process.

Types of Planner Accessories

There are a variety of planner accessories that pair well with a day planner or personal planner to help fulfill your goals and keep you well-organized. Check out some of the following accessories to help you achieve success:


Field Notes

Field notes are used to help you jot down notes and ideas during an observational study. You can use a field notebook for describing a physical setting, social environment, business setting or anything you wish. Carrying a pocket notebook is like your idea safeguard. Anytime an amazing idea pops into your head, you can immediately start writing goals. It will teach you how to stay well organized


To write it down, you need a pen! Just thinking of goals in your head is not an effective practice for setting goals for yourself. It’s not organized and it can be very overwhelming when you have thousands of ideas running through your mind. That’s why power writing is essential for effective goal setting. Writing goals also allows you to physically visualize your goals, which can help make them clearer, more focused and easier to understand.


In order to feel your best, your body needs to be replenished and rehydrated on a daily basis. This will help your body run at optimal performance so you can be on your way to achieving your goals. Hydrating yourself will make your mind clearer so you can write down goals in your monthly planner more easily and effectively.

Tee Shirts

Wearing clothing that keeps you comfortable and inspires you is great for staying motivated on a daily basis. Tee shirts printed with a growth mindset quote, inspirational quote or key to success quote can give you a boost of confidence and energy. It can also increase your monday motivation to create a productive week for yourself!


Think of a keychain as your key to success. A keychain is a convenient tool to help you create a more organized life and to become an overall more organized person. As your keychain contains access to a variety of destinations, it’s like your portal into different environments that allow you to improve your business goals, relationship goals and more.

Sticker Packs

Sticker packs can be used as a great source of motivation and reward. You can reward yourself with an inspiring sticker each time you fulfill a goal or achievement. The great thing about stickers is that you can use them anywhere. They can become cool laptop stickers, car stickers, phone stickers, water bottle stickers or whatever you wish.

Passport Holders

Passport holders are your key to traveling and exploring. Traveling is an excellent way to Use passport holders to help you achieve your travel goals and more.

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