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Pens are the most valuable tool you can use to push you closer to your goals and your dream. Writing goals and objectives is essential for staying on track, remaining well organized and visually seeing your goals on paper. However, you need a pen accomplish all of that! Think of your pen as a tool that allows you to visualize your goals right in front of you so that you can map out a plan to fulfill them.

Benefits of Using Pen and Paper

Using pen and paper to write down goals is proven to be more effective than typing information. Writing goals on paper and pen engages different parts of your brain and requires more mental energy. This helps you better understand and compute the information you are writing compared to simply typing words on a keyboard. Since writing on paper requires more time, it allows you to think longer about the information and process it more effectively. Therefore, writing with old-fashioned pen on paper can help you better understand the goals you write for yourself and can cause your brain to think more strategically on mapping a plan to achieving them. Some additional benefits of pen writing on paper include:

  • Using pens reduces distractions. Instead of being bombarded with notifications from apps and the ability to perform a ton of other tasks simultaneously on search engines, writing with pen and paper takes distractions out of the equation.
  • It can help you think more creatively since you are more in tune with your thoughts as opposed to typing as quickly as possible. This may lead you to come up with innovative ideas and article ideas.
  • Writing with pens may help you think of goals related to your past experiences. This can help broaden your mind to think of different things to write about.
  • Writing with pens is cheap! You don’t need an expensive computer, phone or tablet. Just a high-quality pen and notebook.

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