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✅ TAKE ACTION NOW: jump start the next 90 days and hit your goals! Whether health, career, or personal this planner will finally help you make it happen. Join the thousands of people taking back control of their lives. Are you next?

✅ CRUSH YOUR GOALS: inspirational and motivational quotes throughout will boost your happiness and productivity. Develop a passion for planning and staying organized. Set goals, take notes, cross off to-do-list items and win.

✅ DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY: minimalist undated calendar days allow you to start when you get the planner. You can write your own dates in or just journal on the go. We’ve added tons of blank space for you to use for reflecting, thinking, doodling, and getting your ideas down on paper. Monthly and weekly calendar overviews for you to plan ahead special events or activities. Getting organized starts here.

✅ WORK THE SYSTEM: the easy to follow system will help you figure out your goals, set, and follow through on them. Using a scientific approach there are five separate sections set-up based on the laws of attraction and a proven step-by-step formula for your success. Work the system and the system will work for you.

✅ CONFIDENCE GUARANTEED: the 90X Goal Planner system has worked for thousands of others just like you and we are confident it will work for you. However, if there is ever any reason that it doesn’t absolutely meet your needs just return it and you will get a full refund. Your happiness and productivity are our top priority.


The 90X Goal Planner is all about helping you achieve your most important goals in the next 90 days. The life-changing successes, the big goals that are a part of your Five Year Plan, they depend on what you do over the next three months.

This Goal Planner is here to help you achieve those big goals and get closer to the you that you want to be. All that wishing and dreaming can become a reality, and it all starts with today: Day 1.

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90X Goal Planner Leeam Collection

This planner exists to help you easily track every day for the next three months, so you’re able to see your progress, evaluate your challenges, and catalog big wins on the way to achieving your goals.

I spent years looking for planners to help me reach my goals, but I could never find one that included everything I needed. So I created 90X Planner to help me by not just being a piece of paper to scribble out my agenda, but to also provide a plan and a routine that helps me recognize my big and small dreams, and a progress system that ensures I stay on the right track.

The 90X Planner contains a goal system, daily planner, action steps,design and free writing space, and follow up and to-do lists (which we call “follodo”). There’s also helpful tips, daily quotes and a social media backdrop where you can share your productivity habits and wins.

I hope you challenge yourself for the next 90 days. Make every moment count, remembering that time is the one thing you can never get back,and the one thing that will change your life forever.

  • Vision board layout to help have a clear vision moving forward
  • 5 goals for the next 90 days is where you write your top 5 goals that you wish to achieve in the next 90 days
  • Why these goals cover the most important part of goals setting, it is your motivation to achieve each goal
  • Main action area is where you outline the steps to your goals, it is your roadmap for success
  • Ideas area to get creative, draft passions, doodle, brainstorm, or sketch your ideas
  • Wins and lessons from previous week
  • Thoughts for the following week
  • Full week overview to help have a clear layout of the week
  • 90 days calendar to help be a guide line for success
  • 30 days reference to mark important milestones and notes
  • Days 1-90 on a full two pagelayout to provide more space unlike any other planner
  • Plan your day from AM to PM with lots of writing space
  • FolloDo area is a unique word that was created to give the best personalized ToDo list for your success
  • A notes area under your Follodo
  • Tips every three days to help move forward
  • Motivational quotes every day for 6 days, on every 7thday there is a blank space for you to write your own quote
  • 300 pages in a perfect binding that when broken in, lays nearly flat for easy writing.
  • Page marking ribbon & elastic enclosure band
  • Back pocket.
  • Super smooth high quality, ink proof paper (Ivory 100gsm) thick paper
  • Size5.75″ x 8.125” x .90″  – vertical

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4 reviews for 90X Goal Planner Leeam Collection

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Madeira M.

    I LOVE this goal planner! I’ve never found a planner that has met all my needs like the 90x. It goes far beyond just a planner in terms of helping you break up your goals in digestible pieces so you’re not only able to stay on top of your day to day appointments but also constantly tackling your larger goals. It’s like a life coach and a planner in one gorgeously constructed book! Can’t recommend it enough!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    J. Phillips

    I got my 90x Goal planner today and all I have to say is WOW!

    First of all, I’m an entrepreneur and just wanted to find a suitable planner to help keep me organized. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box today. The best present I have ever bought for myself! I will be buying these in surplus for gifts.. especially with the Holidays coming up!

    This is definitely not your run of the mill planner! The Book itself is luxe, classy and made with exquisite quality! The feel is smooth and luxurious while the cover is durable and sturdy… the paper quality is also top notch. I am definitely impressed!

    What’s inside of the book is like a little miniature motivational speaker coming out to offer support and push you towards your goals. Listen, I don’t want to give too many details… you’ll have to find out for yourself!


  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Edgar Torres

    I bought this Goal planner a few months ago to accomplish some of my personal and financial goals and it’s been an amazing little planner that I carry with me to keep me focused and right on track on all of my goals. It has so many nice features but I especially like the Vision Board Layout section where I have actually glued pictures of my goals to keep me motivated. The Planner is high quality and worth every cent. I have bought a second planner (Gold) to give to my brother.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Engel

    I’m the guy that is too busy to start a planner. Call it ADD, organized chaos, situational procrastination…maybe it doesn’t have a name. All I know is that I’ve tried dozens of planners, task list programs, task list apps, task list websites, notepads, legal pads, daytimers, calendar planners, and voice reminders. They all work for some period of time and then i’m too busy to keep moving. I’ve read 7 habits, books on organizing, and books on focusing and harnessing strengths and weaknesses. So though I’m high functioning, am accomplished, and plan projects and direct teams as a part of my professional responsibilities, when it comes to doing it for my own life I haven’t found something that really works.
    After reading the reviews of 90X and seeing some sample pages on Amazon and social media I decided to try it – I’m hoping that brining some mid and long range planning to my daily activities will help me prioritize and also help me make progress on some of the more important bigger projects in my life. After spending some time reading through the intro pages, I’ve completed the first phase of the planner and I’m energized to complete this 90 day run, which I will accelerate just a bit so that the conclusion coincides with new years eve of this year.
    So off I go – I’ll post updates on the #90XGoalPlanner. If my habits and experience are similar to yours, this planner could be the last one you buy. Or maybe you’ll buy another one, after you complete the first 90 days! I know I will!

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