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✅ TAKE ACTION NOW: jump start the next 90 days and hit your goals! Whether health, career, or personal this planner will finally help you make it happen. Join the thousands of people taking back control of their lives. Are you next?

✅ CRUSH YOUR GOALS: inspirational and motivational quotes throughout will boost your happiness and productivity. Develop a passion for planning and staying organized. Set goals, take notes, cross off to-do-list items and win.

✅ DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY: minimalist undated calendar days allow you to start when you get the planner. You can write your own dates in or just journal on the go. We’ve added tons of blank space for you to use for reflecting, thinking, doodling, and getting your ideas down on paper. Monthly and weekly calendar overviews for you to plan ahead special events or activities. Getting organized starts here.

✅ WORK THE SYSTEM: the easy to follow system will help you figure out your goals, set, and follow through on them. Using a scientific approach there are five separate sections set-up based on the laws of attraction and a proven step-by-step formula for your success. Work the system and the system will work for you.

✅ CONFIDENCE GUARANTEED: the 90X Goal Planner system has worked for thousands of others just like you and we are confident it will work for you. However, if there is ever any reason that it doesn’t absolutely meet your needs just return it and you will get a full refund. Your happiness and productivity are our top priority.

all about helping you achieve your most important goals in the next 90 days. The life-changing successes, the big goals that are a part of your Five Year Plan, they depend on what you do over the next three months. That’s why the 90X Goal Planner is one of best personal goal planners, notebooks, journals and organizers of 2018.

This Goal Planner is here to help you achieve those big goals and get closer to the you that you want to be. All that wishing and dreaming can become a reality, and it all starts with today: Day 1.

90X Your Life




90X Action Planner

Achieve Your #1 Goal in the next 90 days.

90 Day Goal-Setting System

With a goal plan and self-journal and you will build a routine that helps recognize your short-term goals manifest the big dreams. This goal-setting formula is a progression system that ensures you stay on the right track.

1 – Start with the vision board layout

Here you will write out all the ideas and dream that come to mind. This will provide you a path and help you have a clear vision moving forward.

2 – Write and set your top five 90-day goals

In this section, you list out the top 5 goals that you wish to achieve in the next 90 days. These are your main overarching goals. Don’t make them too easy. Setting specific, quantifiable goals provide better insights into progress and benchmarks.

3 – Why these goals: Importance of motivation

You will write out why these goals are important to you and the motivation you have to achieve each goal you set. Setting a goal with no motivation from that beginning will yield no success at all.

4 – Set 90-day main action to achieve short-term goals

This will be the roadmap for success. In detail, you will write your main actions for each 90-day short-term goal. Each action has a goal achievement date that you will set.

Keeping you focused and accountable.

5 – Daily goals: Plan main actions for the day

90X created this with daily goal planning in mind. Write your 3 daily main actions plan. Tracking your progress through daily self-journaling is one of the most important parts. Without daily writings, you’ll forget thoughts, ideas, and emotions that you had throughout the week.

6 – Weekly goals: Rewrite plans and actions

90X’s provide you with a weekly calendar layout where you can create a visual overview every week. Here you’ll organize your schedule by writing out all events, meetings, fitness and social gatherings to keep you on track.

7 – Track wins & lessons from week-to-week

By journaling, you be able to highlights wins throughout the weeks and you should congratulate yourself for that. But with wins, there will always be lessons and both are important for the goal achievement process. You’ll take these wins and lessons with you as experience and apply those to the days and weeks ahead.

Always be learning.

I hope you challenge yourself for the next 90 days. Make every moment count, remembering that time is the one thing you can never get back and the one thing that will change your life forever.

What’s Inside the 90X Goal Planner:

The 90X Goal Planner contains a goal system, daily planner, action steps, design and free writing space, and follow up and to-do lists (which we call “follodo”).

  • Vision Board
  • Top 3 Goals: Goal-Setting & Goal Organizer
  • Main action areas to outline goals
  • Daily Goal Plans
  • Daily Follo-Dos
  • Daily Water Tracker
  • Weekly Goal Plans
  • Monthly Goals
  • 30 days reference to mark important milestones and notes
  • 90 days calendar to help track progress
  • Motivational quotes to inspire you every day
  • Back pocket
  • Page marking ribbon & elastic enclosure band
  • Super smooth high quality, ink proof paper (Ivory 100gsm) thick paper
  • 180 pages in a perfect binding that when broken in, lays nearly flat for easy writing.

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6 reviews for 90X Action Planner

  1. Heidi Thompson

    This planner gives just the right amount of structure. I’ve found that other planners are too structured or aren’t structured enough and this one is just right.

  2. Vanesha H

    This planner and the community it comes with are both amazing! I just received mine in the mail and I can’t wait to get started with taking conscious and actionable steps towards my goals!

  3. Barbara Gorzinski

    This planner serves me well and I especially like that it’s structured for 90 days. I’m on my second 90 book now. It’s a perfect size and I love the feel/quality of the book itself, and the structure has been just right in helping me layout each week to the full 90days. I filled the opening brainstorming section and I was happy there were videos to get me to the full potential of what I can do with my planner. I became a member because the support and training are super! Thanks 90X for being a vital tool for my success!

  4. Deb Kastner

    This planner is the perfect size and covers a 90 day period. I love that it starts by focusing on the 90 days as a whole and what I intend to accomplish during that time. It gently guides my thoughts–especially the vision board, which was something I’d never used before. The weekly and daily goals make it easy to remember where I’m at and where I’m going. Positive thoughts are sprinkled throughout and there’s even a place for me to keep up with my water consumption. 90x is absolutely vital toward my business success.

  5. Michelle

    This isn’t enough space to share how I feel about this planner!

    First it’s so well made and easy to carry with me. Second, it makes my goals feel attainable and real . This planner will make you want to set aside time to work on your goals but most important it makes you want to come back. The setting is never the hard part right! It’s the follow up ! I am a planner Queen and I hands down know this is the best one I have used yet

  6. CC

    The BEST planner for any entrepreneur out there! I LOVE this planner and am officially sold for life. 🙂

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