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Leather Notebook Cover by 90X

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LEATHER COVER MATERIAL: This premium leather cover is made of premium leather of the highest quality that ensures it is durable, attractive, and protects your items.

HANDMADE: This leather cover was carefully designed by the best craftsmen in the country thus ensuring it is well suited to your needs.

MADE IN THE USA: Only things of the highest quality are made in the USA and the premium leather cover follows that line and ensures you get the best and only the best.


Leather Notebook Cover For A5 Notebooks, Planners & Journals

Handmade leather, notebook skin cover handcrafted by Emmanuel Brown

This leather notebook cover provides you with an organized solution for your day-to-day business. The 90X A5 leather cover will store your notebook, phone, business cards, iPad Mini, passport, pens, credit cards and cash.

Handcrafted by Emmanuel Brown you’ll be provided with the best journal leather cover that protects your valuable assets, ideas and goal for the future. The premium leather used for this journal cover is 100% hand cut and hand sewn in the USA to absolute perfection. Emmanuel Brown produces leather covers of the highest quality that not only looks great but is also very durable, reliable and flexible.

Leather Notebook Cover Benefits

✅ Make A Great FIrst Impression: Making a great first impression means everything. When someone notices you take your goals seriously, it shows you are a committed individual who is willing to go the extra mile to succeed. Showcasing your goal notebook in this hand-crafted leather notebook cover is a true attention-getter. Stand out from the crowd and achieve that professional look!

✅ Durable: Crafted with premium hand-made leather, these notebook covers are made to last. Your goals and notes are important. They are part of your LIFE and will help you achieve the life you deserve. Feel confident that your notes will be safe secure and secure.

✅ Made In The USA: In a world filled with products that fail to deliver on quality, we are committed to making sure we offer you the highest quality leather notebook cover available. Each leather journal cover is handcrafted by Emmanuel Brown to achieve a classic, professional look, that is both functional and high-quality.

A5 Leather Notebook Cover, Organized Planner & Journal Cover

This leather planner cover ensures all your items are kept in one place and has slots for credit cards, business cards, notebooks, a pen, and your goal planner. It is excellent for business, travel, meetings, presentations and more. It is a perfect gift for professionals, artists, and students.


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