Planner Sticker Pack (5 Sheets, 200+ Stickers)


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  • ✅90X STICKER PACK: includes 5 sheets (200+ stickers) of motivational and inspirational journaling stickers +plus everyday stickers for managing goals, scheduling events, planning for work, setting reminders, and everything else. Reward yourself for hitting your goals and use these stickers to make it fun along the journey.
  • ✅MAKE IT YOUR OWN: decorate your self-journal with stickers that get you inspired and motivated. Use words and phrases such as, Excellence, Create, Dream Big, and Believe in Yourself to adorn your journal and make the pages your own.
  • ✅HABIT HELPER: using these stickers with your 90X Goal Planner will help you to form good habits. Use the stickers to mark your goals, set reminders, inspire, and motivate yourself to keep moving forward. They will help you get in the habit while you are daily journaling, crossing off to-do lists, and taking notes/making drawings.
  • ✅ORGANIZE: get organized with the 90X accessory sticker pack, now that you have your new goal journal it’s time to get organized. With the help of these planning stickers, you can do just that. Mark specific days and times you need to go into the office for meetings, when you will go to the gym for exercise, and that quiet time in-between for reading and relaxation.
  • ✅HAVE FUN: now it’s up to you to have some fun! You’ll have over 200+ metallic and colorful stickers to decorate your self-journal and mark up your agenda. Use the stickers to liven up your goal setting sessions. Reward yourself for the small victories. And make the pages your own while having fun.


90X Goal Planner – Sticker Pack w/Motivational Words, Daily Activity Reminders, and Good Habit Creating Actions – 5 Pack (200+ Stickers)


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