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Questions & Answers with 90X CEO, ALoN

What is the best way to write down GOALS?

What is the best way to write down your goals?

Should I write them down as I want it to happen or as I’ve already achieved?

How to shift your mindset when things are not going your way. When you are in fear. What should i do in those moments?

Why does it happen to me? Is that the question to ask?

Trust the Process

Make sure to trust the process when setting goals.

What to do if I’m a not reaching my goal should I just change my goal, adjust it or stop achieving this goal?

Should I Adjust My Goal After I Set It?

The Differences Between the 90X Planner Designs

We want to clarify some things regarding all the collections that 90X Goal Planner offers to help you guys pick one. This is all about goal setting with 90X Goal Planner

How many goals should I write if the planner gives me the option to write up to five goals ?should I write all five?

How many Goals can I write using 90X Goal Planner ?

What is the first thing to do when getting to your works space?

We’re gonna try to explain a little bit about how to start your day and stay productive and on task.

This is all about goal setting with 90X Goal Planner

This will help you stay focused when you have a project so you can get your goals accomplished and not get distracted by the world around us.

How can I stay focused when I am working?


  1. Thanks for the videos! These are so helpful!

  2. There are several apps named envision, can you please provide the software creator, I would like to download it..


  3. has anyone used the planner for competing in a fitness event as one of the goals. Just curious on how they may have gone about it regards to tracking. 🙂


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