Customer Video Testimonials of 90X Goal Planner

The 90x goal planner is one of the best planners I’ve seen in a long time. Here is my initial review.

Later on, I will upload the second video with my thoughts after using it for a few weeks.

Angel A.

Kalvin Payne

The most successful times in my life is when I have a routine down. I need to write down my results to see my results. It’s the visual that helps me continue to move on and the routine that continues to boost me forward to see greater results. 

Here are some of the results I have been able to achieve from the 90X Goal Planner.

1 – Travel to a new place each month, if not more. On track to do 12 trips this year.
2 – Helped to give more back to community and schedule time on my calendar to focus on giving back.
3 – Hobby goal of buying a drone for travel videos.
4 – Quit my Job! I am self-employed because of this 90X Goal Planner

Overall, this planner has helped me get my day organized incredibly. I can write down each portion of my day so there is no wasting time. It helps you envision what you want to accomplice over the next 90 Days.

This is a planner made for 90 Days. A 90 day focus on your goals. It is something you would have to buy quarterly. So it focuses on a 90 day period. This is pretty unique than some of the other daily planners you can choose from. 

They have many fun colors you can to choose from. I got the Rose Gold. The side says Hustle Hard. Te back has some really cool motivational words. I really like the design and aestethics of this life goal planner. It feels good in your hand and it’s fun to pick a color you like.

It comes with one satin ridden, an elastic band to close the planner and one accordion pocket.

Read the Getting Started Guide at beginning of the planner. I highly recommend you read all this section. The 90X team goes through all the parts featured in the planner. They go through setting your goals, the why behind your goals, the action on how to make it happen, writing daily goals and more.


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