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90X Goal Planners

90X Goal Planner: Maya Gold

Maya Collection $34.95 USD

90X - Classic Black Goal Planner

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90X Goal Planner: Maya Blue

Maya Collection $34.95 USD

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Plan Your Goals


Plan Your Day

Plan your day from morning to night.



Consolidate your To Do list, work To Do list and your Follow-Up lists.


Wins and Lessons Learned

Write down how your past week went. What wins did you have?


Moving Forward

Think ahead and put that plan onto paper!

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Goal Planner | Productivity Planner

90X Goal Planner is unlike any other planner. With new sections that a normal planner doesn’t have, this is the ideal planner if you want to set goals and actually achieve them. Each week you write down five goals and the reasons why you want to achieve them. After this you can use the actions area to write out how you’re going to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. After this you can use the two-page spread to plan out your day in detail. You can also use the big spread to take notes and write out a to-do list for everything you need to get done that day.

Goal-Setting | Daily Life Planner

This is more than just a goal planner, it’s a life planner. Writing down your goals and going over them every week has been proven that the people who do this are more successful at achieving their goals. Setting goals is very important because they help you to see what it is that you want and what you should do to get there.

Self-Journal | 90X Goal Planner

The 90X Goal Planner is not only for setting goals but also taking the steps to reach those goals. It is about more than just writing it down and forgetting about them. Checking in with yourself and setting realistic goals and what steps that you’re going to take to get to those goals is what the 90X Goal Planner is all about. This is perfect for setting both long-term and short-term goals. Achieving goals is what we all set out to do, 90X Goal Planner just tries to make it a little easier. With its two-page layout for a single day, it gives plenty of room for even your busiest days. Helping you achieve your goals in 90 days is what 90X set out to do. This is 90X, are you ready?

Goal Planner in White
Goal Planner in Black

What Customers Are Saying About 90X

“Really love this planner. I’ve always had problems being organised in order to reach my goals and I would often plan in many ways but it always became a way of procrastination. 90x makes procrastination is impossible! It gives you the tools to kept up with the task in hand with follodo pages that put you into gear. Thanks to this planner I’ve now lost weight and started to write my long dreamed about novel. I would also recommend this planner to teachers that work on a trimestral curriculum as it is perfect for preparing goals for students and the tasks needed to succeed 😆”
“Amazing! This planner beats all other planners! I’m someone who is always busy, and I need a planner that can keep up with my busy lifestyle. I love that the 90X Goal Planner is exactly that. With the FolloDo section of the planner I am able to write out what steps I’m going to take inorder to get closer to my goal. Taking the 5 minutes out of my day eachday to do this has helpped so much because I find myself remembering exactly what it is that I want to do and how I’m going to achieve what I want to achieve. The way that this planner works is spectatular! Through my busy days I still find that I am able to take the steps that I want to take to get closer to my goal. With 90X I am becoming the person that I set out to be, I’m more organized and much more goal orriented. The way that this planner has woked never fails to astound me. I thought that it would be just like everyother planner that I had bough but this is hands-down the best planner that I have ever invested in. I love this planner and there is no replacing it!”
“So helpful! This planner is amazing!! As a student this planner has been such a big help! The simplicity of the cover first apealed to me, the leather binding is great because its so sturdy. I love the white and gold cotrast! I had gotten other planners before and had used them but always found that I didn’t have enough space in the more tradional planners. The way that tradional planners work just didn’t seem to be what I needed. I needed something that could not only plan out my day but also have extra space for notes and ideas. With the large layout I can plan my day but what I loved most was the vision board. I love the vison board because I can draw or write out whatever it is that I have an idea for. The other great thing was the Ideas section, this helpped a lot when I have assignments to do because I can always look back at either the idea section or the vision board inorder to decide what to do. With how the planner is set up I have the perfect planner to help me to get thorugh and manage asignments.”
“The best planner I’ve seen to date. This is going to be a powerful tool…I just started using it and I just love it. It is the perfect size and the 90 DAYS focus is genius. Beautifully laid out and I am to be prepared to give it 100%. This amazing journal will be keeping me on track and pushing me forward in my business as a photographer. I loved layout so much I got mu Husband a copy too. I love the hard cover and the emboss logo it is so cool. Can’t wait to order one more once I am done my goals for this quarter.”
“Wow I just got my 90x Goal Planner in the mail and I just love it. I was looking for a planner/Organizer that has more than just the basic planner that’s out in the market. This goal planner has it all. I love the daily layout, the follow up and the do to list which they call Follodo which is cool. I can’t wait to get started and achieving my goals in 90 days. I have been waiting for a while and it’s finally here.”
“I love it. I got my goal planner about 2 weeks ago and i have been using it everyday since. It helped me write my goal down in a clear way and take action every day. I love that every day in a full 2 pages not just a small line. i love the layout and the clean detail. The goal planner looks great and i love the black and gold logo on the cover. I use it every day before i start to work to write down my actions, meetings for the day and any to do list. I had many goal planners in the past but this is by far the one i love.”
“I just got my planner and what can I say I just love it. I love the fact that it has a hard cover and over 300 pages. Clear lay out of every section. Plus, it has a cool vision board which I think is a great I idea. Nice place to write your goals and why you want the reach those goals. Every day in a full 2 pages and lots of space. I got the black one but once I am done with this I am getting the white one for sure. Thank you for coming with this great goal planner, I used others but I like this the best.”


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